Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Thoughts

Today I want to re-iterate what was mentioned today on a radio talk show, El Rushbo if you must know.

What was interesting is the reference to Joe Plumber and how much scrutiny and personal attack he has had directed towards him. To the point where the press has brought up tax and licensing records. Why in the name of all thats good can't we get that kind of response when we question things like Obama's associations with people like -

1. William Ayers - known and unrepentant terrorist (along with his wife who actually murdered someone).
2. Louis Ferrakhan - who's number one objective is the realization of an All Black state. He is as racist as they come.
3. ACORN - not much more to say at this point. The press is not reporting on this too much but the FBI is investigating because it appears to cross several state lines. We do know that he did not answer McCain's stinging volley of questions about his association with ACORN (and Ayers). He only deflected it.
4. Jerimiah Wright - you know about his association with this guy.

=== New Subject ====

This subject is more serious than Obama's friendly radical associations. We need to review three of the Bill of Rights, otherwise known as the First Ten Amendments to the Constitution.

In my mind the Constitution of the United States is the Holy of Holies of almost all Governmental documents in history. There are some other great documents such as the Magna Carta (1215 AD) that outlined what were considered rights for individuals. This document for example first outlined the writ of Habeus Corpus; helping to deter unlawful imprisonment.

There are 3 amendments I would like to bring up here.

1. The first - freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, right to petition
2. The second - the right to bear arms - "shall not be infringed"
3. The fourth - to be protected from unreasonable search and seizure

I feel some of these rights are in danger of being appealed. Perhaps not all of them at the same time but slowly we will lose a right, soon thereafter a second and then later a third.

The first two to go will be the fourth and second amendments. I say that these two are in danger is because the Liberals want to repeal our right to bear arms. Subsequently in order for that to happen there will be a blanket order to seize all of our weapons without a warrant specifically for an individual. It will simply take too long to get warrants for everyone that doesn't line up like sheep and drop off a gun at the local police station.

Once the second amendment is discarded by the socialists they can start working on those who speak against them, they will control the press, lawful assembly will be curtailed, which will have an effect on religion. Since we won't have a voice to speak out The Right to Petition will also be inhibited.

I know these ideas sound very radical. But think about how fragile we have become.

Remember that there are very very many people who want guns outlawed.
Remember that Obama has declared that he would support the outlawing and seizure of our arms. Remember that there are many many of us who do not want a socialist society beyond what I would call the healthy party differences we have had in the past. What we are experiencing now is a full on assault on a conservative government.

Remember that once you get someone in power who becomes this powerful and this far left that people will become giddy with their winning. They will have given most of their trust over to one and the once slippery slope is a full on slip and slide.

All the bad guys talk a good game. What kind of character to they possess?

I am not suggesting anything unlawful, but I am sending a voice of warning. Talk with your families, talk with your friends. You must become active. Get them to vote their conscience. Get them to vote for someone who will uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

I Pledge Allegiance

Nuff Said

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