Saturday, October 25, 2008

More on the 2nd Amendment

Many of us are responsible gun owners who feel that the 2nd Amendment is a right we were wisely given and, for the most part of us, vow to defend.

The vast majority of gun owners respect life and liberty and will never ever abuse either. The proven fact is more people die from other causes than death from a firearm. This link has the statistics for your review from a 2003 study.

Additionally, the media insists that when there are gun shows in town the crime rate skyrockets, have a look here for a 2008 study just released showing this is a myth.

It's almost a cliche but if they take the guns away from the responsible gun owner only the bad guys will have guns. It will be like ducks in a barrel for them. Secondly, and more to the point as far as the second amendment is concerned the militia referenced therein is actually the last life of defense for freedom when a government has gone off the rails and seeks tyranny as a solution to it's problems.

Shall "We the People" give up that most important of responsibilities? Don't let the Kool-Aid drinkers talk you out of it, stand your ground, speak your mind and defend the weak and vulnerable.

Defend the Constitution and Preserve the Sovereignty of this Great Nation.

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