Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Please Go to this Link

I've got a link here that pretty much sums up the things I've written. There are multiple links on the page that are frankly very frightening. I hope it's all bluster but I figure you can come to you're own conclusions.


On another note I'd like to remind all the Obamanites that his wonderful tax cuts will actually become null and void as soon as he lets the currently in effect Bush tax cuts expire soon after the first of the year. So in other words all of us who are making less than $250K and expecting an Obama tax cut will really be disappointed when our taxes go up again. What a liar. I think it's safe to say Obama is a liar.

Obama is the farthest left political figure to ever run for President. He is a pure Socialist and had signed agreements with the Chicago Socialist party back in 2006 (I've may be wrong on the year).

There is a notion floating around the net that Obama wants to fund a new civilian Home Land security force. This is probably a false accusation. The idea that he would want a special "civilian" force to be in charge of Home Land Security is the most frightening thing I have heard of since Hitler launched the SS or Sadaam's henchmen Republican Guard. Would this force report to the President directly? Will the citizens of this great land have to give up their right to bear arms? We will be at the mercy of a megalomaniac.

In reality he is probably calling for people to join is AmeriCorps, EnergyCorps agencies.

But just in case let it be known that I for one will not give up my weapon. I cannot in good conscience do it. As I've said I have sworn an oath to the Constitution of the United States of America. When our Civil Rights become diminished it will be time to stand up for them without debate. There should be no questions, no wondering and no wishy washy banter. We will all need to assert ourselves in a peaceful manner but with a united voice. Our cry to restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights would be heard around the world.

A Vote for McCain is a vote for liberty and the Constitution of the United States that we are proud of.

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