Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama Review

I think it's time to review the Obama qualifications and experience, in no particular order:

1. Economy - NONE to speak of. Has not had to manage companies or businesses, or political entities from a budgetary perspective. Other than being on the board of directors with William Ayers. I'm sure there were some buget matters to review and approve, however, he was not the approving authority.

2. Legislative Sponsor -
Illinois State Bill to video tape police questioning of suspects (sponsor)
Illinois State Tax Bill revising earned income credit. (supported or co-sponsored)
Illinois State Bill revising campaign finance disclosure.

(Interestingly enough he refuses to disclose his current donations until after the election.

In the US Senate he sponsored three bills that passed and were signed into law. These were good pieces of legislation but there were about 149 others that did not pass muster. I recommend you browse through them and decide for yourself if they merit any real value. I do feel that some do. Many others do not! Flat out.

Personally, I don't feel that 3 passed Federal bills indicates a wealth of legislation or experience.

3. Foreign Relations - NONE - he went to Europe last summer. Remember this was NOT a campaign trip. That would have broken campaign rules. Thats it. He's a sure bet for solid foreign relations, obviously.

4. Abortion - Completely supports abortion at all levels including Partial Birth Abortion. I feel this is the most damning issue in his quiver and the whole Country will be held accountable for it. It is so hideous I cannot describe it here, due to the way the baby is killed. But let me summarily say that in order for it not to be murder (in the eyes of the law) they hold the babies feet inside the mother so as not to allow the baby to be "technically" born so it can be "terminated". For society to accept this is beyond belief. I'm sure it's more a matter of education. If anyone really knew they would not allow it. How can our lawmakers approve of such a thing? We are not going to make it!

5. His sympathies for radicals and terrorists are serious enough that a young man, if trying to enter the service, would be disallowed.

Nuff Said

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