Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Roughing it Long Term

However, unlikely you should consider the possibility that you may have to evacuate the city. Now I know most people feel that the likelihood of that ever becoming a reality are not even worth considering. However, if you are a survivor then you will have a plan.

Perhaps first we should define what long term means. For this set of documents I mean indefinitely, probably longer than 2 or 3 mos.  Anything less would probably be a change in the dynamics of what you need. So lets just say that the bare essentials list would probably get you by for 3-5 months if you can keep the food coming, have water purification and fire. 

Needless to say you should start off with most of the items in the Bare Essentials article posted previously and grow from there.

Long Term Camping Bare Essentials 

1. A Regular Camping tent, or a family cabin style tent can work but these tents would usually not be able to handle the Sun's UV rays long enough  to get you through more than a season or two. It most likely will not accomodate a wood burning stove either.  So with that in mind the best options I know of for a tent are (not in any particular order) :
  • The Alaknak Tent: This is an outfitter tent that many hunters use which also accommodates a wood burning stove. As of this date the link can be found here:  Alaknak Tent
  • Also the excellent standard in tents is the Canvas Wall Tent with a floor  built in. The downside to these tents is that the tent poles are separate. Here is the link for Canvas Tent
(Note: these links are for Cabelas but there are many other good places to shop)

2. Sleeping bags should still be capable of handling very cold (say 10 degree or colder nights). And have extra blankets as well.

3. Water purification should be in the form of a quality filter as opposed to a filtration/purification system only,  that can produce large  quantities of highly purified water.  Go to Berkey to find out more about this subject

4. Cooking pots, dutch ovens, skillets, cooking utinsils etc.
5. Your long term food storage supply (don't rely on hunting and fishing, there may be 100,000 other people thinking the same thing) 

6. White gas for cooking and heating, along with the means to create fire for cooking.

Extended Long Term Camping List Continued

Here is a partial list which does not include food storage. If I have
to haul my own food storage then it will replace a great deal of what I
have here. A second small trailer is a possibility. So please be honest
in your assessment so you can give this some serious consideration. 

  1. Two canvas tents (Or one canvas wall tent and another collapsible storage shelter).  
  2. Wood burning stove for cooking and heating 
  3. Sleeping bags 
  4. Additional Blankets 
  5. Medical supplies and some medicines, tweezers, hemastats, sutures, scalpels etc (more than just first aid) 
  6. Sewing Kit 
  7. Tarps (several big and small) 
  8. Cast Iron Cooking pots, dutch oven and fry pans, and utensils 
  9. Cots and insulating pads to sleep on 
  10. Guns and Ammo for Hunting/Protection, Fishing Poles 
  11. Cleaning supplies for washing clothes and dishes, fine 0000 steel wool (can be used to make fire with 9volt batteries) 
  12. Toiletries (soap, tooth brush/paste, TP) 
  13. Heavy Coats, gloves of all types, jeans, shoes and boots 
  14. Ropes, rachetting tie-downs 
  15. Back packs prepared for hiking and remote camping (with small tents or at least tarps) 
  16. Towels, wash clothes, rags 
  17. Chain Saw with extra chains, bar oil, engine oil, gasoline
  18. 3 - 4 days worth of food and water to used during travel 
  19. Steel tub to wash clothes, dishes, and people in

We haven't even discussed
  • Tools
  • Medical Supplies
  • Communications Rigs and Methodologies
  • Orders of Business at the Sites or Retreats

Comments and additions are appreciated 

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