Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bare Essentials and Survival Mode

I thought I might post a little follow up to the previous days post about food storage. I figured it might be helpful to know what kind of things would be needed to survive for a time after an emergency such as an earthquake. So this is for short term survival.

These items would be essential to sustain life and provide comfort. Providing comfort to your family is THE most essential thing you can do for them. In the case of bare essentials you may get hungry, in fact very hungry but if you are warm and dry and can get hot liquids when it's cold you will have a better chance at surviving for even several weeks without substantial food. I will list minimum food requirements later. These will not be satisfactory for long term needs. Just a few weeks.

It is recommended that you carry only what you can handle safely and efficiently. If you try to bring the kitchen sink then you and/or your family will be buried with the sink. Others may need assistance so bring what you can but not at the sacrifice of yourself or your family, it is not required or wise of you. A wise leader will not try to save everyone even though he will want to. In other words, do what you can for others without destroying the success of your family. You will have to keep a level head under this pressure.

Okay, lets look at the list


1. One backpack per person from 5 years and up (size appropriately). The strongest may carry full packs.

2. Comfortable Hiking shoes - worn in but not worn out

3. Sweater - Button up - You can adjust it for cooling if required, pull overs cannot

4. Brimmed Hat to protect from Sun and Rain - Baseball cap, Fedora

5. Large Handkerchief - to cover neck in the sun, or to be a large bandage on a wound

6. Stocking cap

7. Gloves of any kind is better than none - for protection and warmth

8. Warm Coat of any kind - below waist length would be good

9. Long Pants - rugged Blue Jeans recommended (except in cold wet or snow conditions)

Life Sustainment - two weeks worth of each for individual or family

1. Very Sharp Knife - a strong hunting knife is appropriate

2. Matches and metal match or magnesium fire stater

3. Candles, petrolleum jelly and cotton balls or 0000 steel wool and 9 volt battery work well in the wind

4. Herb Teas

5. Bouillon Cubes

6. band-aids and neosporin

7. tiny sewing kit - this may be needed to sew clothing or skin

8. Water purification - See Appendix "A"

9. 10-20 feet of 1/8 inch light rope or para-cord per person

10. Sleeping bags

11. Consecrated oil

12. Prayer

PHASE 2 - Should Have

1. Tarp to lay on or cover your family

2. One Change of Socks and a Warm Woollen Outer Shirt

3. Hand/Bath Soap

4. Compass

5. Flash light

6. Medical kit with large bandages, scissors, tweezers, extreme pain medication if have access to it.

7. Topographical and Road maps.

8. small mess kit or just a steel cup and a fork or spoon

9. Toothbrush

Here is some longer term preparedness items this would work for a two person, two week food supply! This is only going to be available in your home as you couldn't carry it.

1 Case Cup-of-Noodles

7 Cans Canned Meat

2 2lb bags of Dry Kidney Beans

2 2lb bags of Rice

1 box of instant potatoes

7 can peas

7 cans corn

14 cans peaches

14 can stew

Black Tea as a stimulant for medicinal purposes


Here a some links for camping equipment and clothing:
Sports Authority
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