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Bug Out Bag

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Today I wanted to go back to a basics mode in that there is a term used by Survivalists and Preppers alike called the "Bug out bag". Even though they are related it should not be confused with the three day emergency kit. They are similar when you think about them from the view that hold basic survival supplies for an individual however, their mindsets are completely different in my opinion.

For one thing a 3 day kit is really prepared with the idea in mind that in a few days everything is going to get back to normal, or that the Gubbamint will be along shortly to save your bacon. But that is zactly where the similarities end.

The Bug out Bag is setup with the notion that you might not be coming back - PERIOD! So with that in mind I would gather up things that would be found in the 3 day kit but you will want to be even more compact and add additional items such as survival knives, a hatchet, perhaps a hand gun, the list can get big in a hurry. You toughest task will be to keep the list short. Here are some suggestions from a post on the Survial Groups Blog. Go check this site out.

One last word from me. When you look at this list your first inclination is to say "I can't possibly carry all this stuff or get it into one bag!".  Yes I feel the same way. I think the idea here is to stage layers of stuff. First of All the bag you can carry, then the boxes you throw in the car, and then the extra stuff to put in the truck and drive out of town in. Keep each layer mobile as possible. Each of these layers is a "class" ranging from 3 day kit, to walking out and not coming back, to driving out in the middle of the night, etc.


What items should be in your Bug Out Bag?

This will depend on a number of factors, such as the area you live in (climate, elevation, etc….) But the basics are as follows:

    * A disaster plan that includes the location of emergency areas, rallying points,  multiple evacuation routes, maps of the area, trail maps, etc (make sure you use a water proof laminate to protect your plans).

    * First Aid Kit
      Possible Kits to look at are as follows:
         1. All-Purpose First Aid Kit, 170 Items In Plastic Case With Carry Handle
         2. First Aid Only Outdoor First Aid Kit, Soft Case, 205-Piece Kit
         3. Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Medic Kit
         4. 10-Unit First Aid Kit

    * Professional Survival Book
      This should be studied before hand and kept for reference during a disaster.
      Recommended books are:
         * SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, Land or at Sea
         * When All Hell Breaks Loose
         * US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76
         * Water bottles and metal canteen cup
         1. Stainless Steel GI Canteen Cup Great for Boiling and Sterilizing
         2. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel, Bottles that can be used to boil water

    * Clothing
      Socks, gloves, rain suit, poncho, jacket, hat, bandannas, clothing
    * A few assorted knives
      Recommended Knives:

       1.The Seal Pup By SOG is one of my favorite Knives
       2.EvoGrip S557 Knife with Red & Black Handle from Swiss Army
    * Camp Axe & Shovel
      1.Fiskars 8-Inch Hatchet #7855
      2.Fiskars Splitting Axe 23.5-Inch #7853
      3.Gerber 45905 Camp Axe – Sheath – Clam
      4.Folding Spade NATO Approved Knife from Gerber Knives

    * Flashlights 
      1. Gerber 22-80010 Infinity Ultra LED Task Light, Green
      2. Nightstar Magnetic Force Flashlight Hi-Tech Clear Self Powered Flashlight
          A must have for when the batteries fail. Sturdy and not a cheapo imitation
      3. Surefire E2E-HA Executive Elite
      4. Radio A must to keep up on what is going on. 
                1.Etón FR500 Solarlink (Black) Solar PowerAM/FM/Shortwave/NOA radio built-in LED flashlight and cell phone charger * Awesome Radio

    * Fire Starting
      Waterproof Matches, a couple Lighters, Tinder and one of the following:
       Ultimate Survival Technologies BlastMatch All Weather Firestarter (orange)
         1. Brunton Striker Magnesium Fire Starter (Silver/Black)

    * MultiTool
         1. Leatherman 830040 New Wave Multi-Tool with Nylon Sheath
         2. Leatherman 830160 Surge Pocket Multitool with Leather Sheath

    * Cordage
         (wide variety of uses, traps, etc….) *550 Paracord

    * CASH & Documents
      have some extra cash in your bag, as well as a copy of all your important
documents (SS Card, I.D., Fishing hunting License, Gun License, etc…)

    * Firearm(s) and ammunition.
        10/22 Ruger is a great all around survival gun that will never fail and will last forever. Ammo is dirt  cheap at under $20 for 500 rounds It also has A ton of 10/22 after market gear

    * WATER
      a liter per day per person (enough to get you by)

    * Water Purifiers & Filters: (Any one below would be a good choice)
      SteriPEN Adventurer Handheld Water Purifier
         1. Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter
         2. Katadyn TRK Drip Ceradyn Water Filter
         3. Lifesaver Bottle 4000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle
         4. Katadyn Combi Water Microfilter

    * MulitVitamins
       Keep your strength up as your diet changes

    * Extra Medicine
       If needed because of preexisting condition

    * Navigation
       Compass, Maps, GPS, etc….

      Suunto MC-2 Global Compass
       Brunton Pocket Transit Conventional Compass with 0-360 Degree Scale

    * Communication
       Portable C.B or Ham Radio

    * Fishing Gear
       Bobbers Hooks, fishing line, small collapsible pole

    * Emergency Food
      Stuff that will last and give you the most bang for your buck 
         ( peanut butter, jerky, sardines, granola bars, salt, dried fruit, MRE’s, etc…)
      1.SARDINES IN WATER, 24 pack of 3.75 oz cans
      2.Clif Bar Energy Bars, 2.4-Ounce Bars (Pack of 24)
      3. 3600 Calorie ER Bar – Emergency Food Ration

    * Shelter
      Sleeping bag, tent, tarp, etc….

    * Extra Batteries
       Energizer NH15BP-4 ACCU 2500mAh Rechargeable AA Batteries  
       rechargeable with solar charger below

    * Solar Charge r
      Brunton Solarport 4.4 Watt Foldable Solar Charger with Battery Charger
      Brunton 26 Watt Foldable Solar Array - For Small Electronics

    * Signal Devices
      Flares, Signaling Mirror, Whistle

    * Duct tape

    * Misc
      Candles, Safety Pins, sewing needles and thread, Playing Cards for entertainment, Wire for snaring

You will also need some type of water filtration system. It can be simple as boiling your water or buying those little tablets they sell in Wal-Mart to purify your water.

You should also take with you a couple of good hunting knives. A good knife is worth its weight in gold.  

Simple Tools. You will need simple hand tools such as an axe, saw, hatchet, hammer. The reason I say you will need these tools, it will be easier to build shelter and any other type of structure you may require.

Flashlights or candles. It is dark in the wilderness at night. Make sure you take something that will help you see at night.

A good sleeping bag that will keep you warm in the winter, you can find good sleeping bags as well as tents on line for a cheap price.

Make sure you take with you warm clothes, a good set of boots for winter, you will need gloves. If your hands get cut up then you are not able to do much work so it is important to keep your hands protected.

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