Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Must Have Documents

If the time comes when you might be required to leave all of your possessions behind and head for the high country there are some things to consider taking with you besides your survival supplies. You just might want to have the most important papers in your life with you. The following is a good start but is probably not complete and of course your list would probably be different that mine anyway.

Personal Documents

1. Identification Papers - Drivers License, Passports (get or renew for the whole family)

2. Social Security Cards

3. Birth Certificates/Adoption Papers

4. Marriage Licenses/Divorce/Separation Papers

5. Medical Records - especially allergies and medical conditions, prescriptions

6. Dental Records

7. Life Insurance, Wills and Trusts...

8. Deeds of Trust for all properties

9. Titles to vehicles

10. Bank Account Numbers and Balances with "as of dates" (take a most recent statement)

11. Credit and Debit Card Numbers

12. Custody Agreements

13. Business Agreements

14. Last years W2 and 1040 Forms

15. Partriarcal Blessings (if you are LDS)

As I already said there are probably some documents you need that I don't have, this is based on my experience and should not be construed as the list to end all lists.

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